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Annika is of dual British and Swedish nationality, currently residing in Dorset, England.  Annika studied Fine Art (National Diploma) at the Arts Institute Bournemouth (now The Arts University Bournemouth), giving her the advantage of exploring a diversity of media and techniques such as sculpture, textiles, photography, and painting. Annika went on to study BA Hons Illustration, attracted in particular to the Fairytale & Folklore project offered by Southampton Solent University. The Illustration course taught Annika how to speak in symbols and tell stories through images. In her first year of university, Annika had a book cover published by O Books for author Vikki Bramshaw. In her second year, Annika worked with artists Zoe Blood and Andrea Sinclair (aka The Girls) on The Paper Eaters Do Bargate. Annika took part in photo shoots, and made illustrations for the Paper Eaters magazine. Annika continued to work with The Girls during the summer of 2011, taking part in the Posted project at Brick Lane Art Car Boot and working on a sculpture for the Arts by the Sea festival in Bournemouth.


In 2011 Annika volunteered for the Pride in Bournemouth event, raising money for charities Born Free Foundation and Julia's House by designing and decorating a lion sculpture for Bournemouth Pavilion. The lion named "Red Curtain" was sold at auction, and the proceeds donated to the selected charities. That year Annika also created the Southbourne Mural on Southbourne Grove, Bournemouth, volunteering for the Southbourne Business Association. In 2012 Annika began work on the Tombulance, a transit van decorated with colourful fantasy designs. More info about the Tombulance can be found at


In 2013 Annika exhibited at the first ever New Forest Fairy Festival alongside artists such as Josephine Wall and Chris Down. Annika's fairy fun display included original paintings, hand made jewellery, and custom made door signs. Fairies young and old enjoyed seeing their requests come to life before their very eyes. In 2014 Annika began to learn the art of pyrography, burning her original designs into wood. Wandering through the forest in search of fallen branches, Annika collected wood to saw up and sand down, tranforming them with pyrography into rustic fairytale signs. Annika exhibited her fairy signs at the New Forest Fairy Festival in August 2014, along with some of her hand made jewellery pieces.


Annika continues to sell her hand crafted treasures through Etsy, the e-commerce site for handmade and vintage items. She is regularly commissioned for her beautiful paintings, illustrations and pyrography. She has sold many original creations over the years, posting them across the world to her global audience, who are able to watch her work via youtube.  Annika makes regular videos about her artwork, documenting her creative processes as well as talking about her experiences. She also shares the things which inspire her, with photos from her daily life as a creative entrepreneur. Annika aims to encourage others to discover their creativity and express their imagination through visual arts. If you have any questions, feel free to email her directly via the link below.














All images on this page have been produced by Annika Garratt and are her exclusive property. If you wish to use any of Annika's artwork, you must by law have her express written permission. If you wish to purchase any of Annika's artwork, or comission new works of art, please contact her via email.

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Welcome to the world of Annika Garratt. Here you will find a gallery of Annika's artwork as well as information about projects she has worked on. Annika is a Dorset based artist and BA Illustration graduate. She dives deep into the imaginative world of dreams and visions to illustrate mystical, mythical and folkloric subjects. To stay up to speed with what Annika is doing next, be sure to follow her using the social media links above. The following is a small selection of Annika's artwork.